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Presentation of a new line of modern hairstyles – Academy Zoran

House of Fashion and Beauty “Zoran” and the Academy “Zoran” organized a presentation of a new line of modern hairstyles for their clients and the media. During the event, 10 of the latest hairstyles were shown to the public. At the same time this represents our proposals for 2015 and will be listed as such in some of the world’s most prestigious catalogs.
Developers of these fashionable hairstyles are Ivan Vukcevic, Nenad Milosavljevic from Serbia, Jelena Vukcevic team and Radmila Lalovic with their teams. Ljubica Bulatović with her team was responsible for make up, while the stylist Lazar Ilic, who also performs as a model, was in charge for the wardrobe.
The photographs are the work of Djordje Živaljević, while the film made Dragi Vujacic, and music by Ratka Vujacic.

The event was held on February 1, 2015 in 22 hours in the lobby of Delta City shopping mall in the presence of more than 200 people, guests from abroad, the media and the experts.
We will try to continue in future to be in line with global developments and trend and even a step ahead of it.